High Wycombe

Town Twinning


Twinning visit by group from Kelkheim

On the weekend of the 16th to 18th September a group of 20 visitors from Kelkheim came to High Wycombe. The group was led by Councillor Wolf-Dieter Hasler, the Chairman of the Kelkheim Council and Councillor Burgunda Laumen-Brunner, the councillor responsible for twinning in the Kelkheim Council.

On Friday afternoon, after landing at Heathrow Airport, the group was met by representatives of the twinning association and taken to Hampton Court Palace where they had lunch and spent the afternoon looking around the Palace and it’s gardens before being taken to High Wycombe where they met up with their hosts.

On the Saturday the group and their hosts were taken to the London where they had the opportunity to spend time sightseeing.

On the Saturday evening there was a 30th anniversary celebration dinner for the visitors, their hosts and other people who had been involved in twinning over the years. Tony Green, the association chairman welcomed everyone before Cllr Hasler and Cllr Laumen-Brunner said a few words.

On Sunday morning everyone gathered in front of All Saints Church to unveil a plaque commemorating the 30 years of twinning between the towns. The plaque was produced by Kelkheim artist Christa Steinmetz and was given to the town by Kelkheim. The Mayor of High wycombe, Cllr. Zia Ahmed received the plaque on behalf of he town and thanked the people of Kelkheim for the gift. This was followed by a visit to the museum where lunch was held and the visitors had an opportunity to look around the museum. They were then taken back to Heathrow for the flight home.


The twinning trip in 2017 will be a group from High Wycombe visiting Kelkheim.

This will take place on the weekend of the 8th - 10th September. The provisional programme includes a visit to Mainz. For further information contact Mavis by emailing secretary@hwtta.org.uk.