High Wycombe

Town Twinning


Visits between girls from High Wycombe and Kelkheim

Wycombe Youth Action is a charity organisation in High Wycombe started working with Kelkheim in November 2016.

In May 2017, a get-together and preparation meeting took place in High Wycombe

The project was financed by Erasmus+ and the city of Kelkheim

The girls' project is themed "Empowerment of young women in Europe - empowering young women in Europe"

The visit was of a group of ten girls between the ages of 14-19 from High Wycombe and two carers visited Kelkheim for a week in 2017.

In October this year a group of girls from Kelkheim stayed in High Wycombe for a week re-establishing their relationships with the girls from WYA and continuing their joint project.


The next event will be a trip by a group from High Wycombe to Kelkheim in 2019. This is likely to take place in September.


The girls involved in the project with the Mayor of High Wycombe and the Chairman of WDC